immigrate-to-saskatchewanThere are several programs available under the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) that allows a foreign national to become a permanent resident of Canada. The four general categories are:

  1. International Skilled Workers;
  2. Applicants with Saskatchewan Experience;
  3. Farm Owners and Operators; and
  4. Entrepreneurs.

Applicants with Saskatchewan Experience are divided into four sub- categories:

  1. Applicants With Existing Work Permit;
  1. Health Professionals;
  2. Hospitality Sector Project;
  3. Long-Haul Truck Driver Project; and
  4. Students.

The Hospitality Sector Project is designated for foreign nationals who are currently working in Saskatchewan on a temporary work permit for a SINP Hospitality-approved employer for a minimum of six months. In order to be eligible for the Hospitality Sector Project, the foreign national must:

  • have a valid work permit issued by Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for one of the following:
  • Food/Beverage Server
  • Food Counter Attendant/ Kitchen Helper
  • Housekeeping/Cleaning Staff
  • have completed at least grade 12 education or its equivalent
  • worked for an employed that has been approved by the SINP to participate in the Hospitality Sector Project
  • worked in Saskatchewan for at least six months
  • have an offer of permanent, full-time employment from a SINP Hospitality-approved employer
  • have at least Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) 4 or high English language ability in all 4 categories (listening, speaking, reading, and writing)
  • have a valid SINP job approval letter

The Employer will be responsible for obtaining a SINP Job Approval Letter in addition to obtaining a Certificate of Registration, if not already in possession of one.

It is important to know that SINP will not accept applications from foreign nationals who began working for their employer before the employer receives SINP approval under the Hospitality Sector Project.

Certain individuals are not able to apply under this subcategory:

  • Refugee claimants in Canada who are claiming refugee status from the Government of Canada

As of October 1, 2016, the application quota of 500 has not been met. Therefore, there may be an opportunity to apply under the Hospitality Sector Project. However, the program criteria may change at any time, therefore it is imperative to check the current eligibility criteria before applying to SINP.

Every situation is different, and laws and policies on immigration change all the time. You are encouraged to seek professional advisor regarding your individual situation. This article has been prepared by Sharon Se Jung An of Miller Thomson. For any questions: