America and ChinaPresident Donald Trump is ready to “solve the North Korea problem” with or without the help of China. In an interview published yesterday in the Financial Times, he said that a US move on North dictatorship would “totally” win.

Trump’s comments come just days ahead of a meeting with his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping. They will meet in the Trump villa at Mar-a-Lago (Florida) on April 6th.

There is a growing frustration in the international community at the increasing development of nuclear and missile program of North Korea, which now has the force to launch intercontinental ballistic missiles.

This development did not stop even with the embargoes placed by the UN, also supported by China.

Beijing is the largest – and perhaps only – ally of North’s dictatorship. Last February in blocked coal trade from Pyongyang, depriving the latter of an additional source of income. China is intimidated by the possibility that a growing tension on the Korean Peninsula and a collapse of the regime could create a flood of millions of refugees at its border. At the same time, according to several analysts and dissidents, Beijing seems to “use” the threat of North Korea to keep Seoul, Tokyo and the United States at bay.

In March, US diplomacy even threatened military actions against Pyongyang. But according to economic analysts, the North Korean problem is just a pawn to play in the next meeting between the two presidents, where they will discuss trade.

In late March, Trump signed two executive orders to address the US commercial debt to review agreements and abuses in foreign trade. With China, the US has a debt of about $ 347 billion a year, for a total of 502 billion. Yonhap.